How to Settle Service Error 79 on HP LaserJet Printers?

Are you getting HP Printer Service Error Code 79 on your printer device? Then you can read this article to get away from this error now and in the future with ease. Initially, we will get to understand what Error Code 79 is and how it is occurring in your printer device.

The HP Printer Error Code 79 can mostly occur with printer models such as HP LaserJet Pro 200, HP LaserJet Pro 400, HP LaserJet Pro 500, HP LaserJet MFP M277DW, HP LaserJet Pro M402N, HP Color LaserJet CP5225, and more.

Basically, HP Error Code 79 occurs because of corrupt print jobs. The reason for this error include

  • Internal Firmware issue
  • Incompatible DIMM
  • Outdated printer software
  • Printer hardware bugs
  • Motherboard damages
  • Network issue
  • Physical cable damages
  • An unacceptable amount of print job
  • Unauthorized webpages or links to be print
  • Turning on and off the printer multiple time

How to resolve HP LaserJet Printer Error 79?

Are you an HP LaserJet Printer user and experiencing HP Service Error 79, then deleting the print jobs can help you resolve the error? If it doesn’t solve your issue, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions to solve the glitch.

  • First, check the IP address
  • Then install the latest updates including printer driver and firmware for your HP LaserJet Printer
  • Now you have to cancel all the print jobs
  • Try disabling the IPv6 protocol
  • Update the HP LaserJet Printer firmware

Following the above steps could probably solve your HP LaserJet Printer Error 79. If you aren’t able to overcome the issue you can contact HP customer support for professional and qualified technician support that could solve your glitch quite simply and fast.

Troubleshooting HP Service Error 79

Fix 1: Turn off and on

Generally, you can try turning off and then turning on your printer and other connected devices to solve any simple glitch that is preventing any print job. If it doesn’t help you solve the HP Error Code 79, you can follow the remaining steps below.

Fix 2: Power cycle the HP printer

The HP printer users facing HP Printer Error Code 79 can try power cycling the connected device which is similar to resetting your device settings to its factory setting which can possibly revert back the irrelevant settings or wrong installation of software. For that try the below steps,

  • First, turn off your HP printer
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Now turn on your printer and wait for it to reinitialize
  • If you are using any surge protector, remove them
  • Connect your printer directly to the power socket
  • Turn on your printer and try printing

Fix 3: Clear print queue and restart the print spooler service

  • From your computer, navigate to the control panel 
  • Choose the Devices and Printers option
  • Right-click on your printer model and select see what’s a printing option
  • Select and right-click the file to choose the cancel option
  • This will delete the print queue and remove the document that is stuck while printing
  • Choose and print another document to see if the issue has been resolved or not

Fix 4: You can also try restarting the print spooler to solve Error Code 79. For that,

  • Initially open the task manager
  • Then Services
  • Choose Description
  • Now select Print Spooler
  • Right-click Print Spooler
  • Select Restart
  • Once restarting has been oven over try printing to see if the issue has been resolved

Fix 5: Reinstall DIMM

To stop seeing HP Printer Error Code 79, you can turn off the printer and remove memory DIMM and install it again after a while. Restart your printer and check for errors.

  • Initially turn off your HP printer
  • Remove the DIMM from the printer
  • Then install them again in the printer properly
  • Again start your printer
  • Check if you are facing the same error
  • If so remove the DIMM and start your printer

Fix 6: Reinstall the updated HP printer devices

  • Turn on your printer and computer
  • Make sure they are connected in the same network
  • From your computer search and open the control panel
  • Select Uninstall a program option
  • In the following list choose every relevant HP-related program and remove them
  • Then right-click Start and open Device Manager

Fix 7: Update the printer firmware

  • Turn on your printer and computer
  • Make sure they are connected to the same network either through Ethernet or USB cable
  • Then from your system, navigate to  HP Customer Support Download Page
  • On the following page tap on Let’s identify your product to get started
  • Now choose printer
  • Then follow the online instructions to complete the remaining procedure
  • Next in the following search box, enter your printer model
  • Click the submit button
  • Choose the relevant OS, Mac or Windows
  • Now click on Firmware and tap the download
  • Open the downloaded firmware and begin the firmware update process
  • Follow the online instruction for the installation window
  • Once completed restarting the devices to check whether the  HP Service Error 79 has been solved or not           

We hope In case of the persistence of HP Laserjet Printer Error 79, you can contact HP’s Customer Support team for a quick and swift reply to your solution specific to your situation.

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