How to Fix “Carriage Jam” or “Carriage Blocked” Error on HP Printer?


The carriage assembly carries the ink cartridges that are placed against the left side of your HP printer. However, in some instances, you may bump into HP Printer Carriage Jam or Carriage Blocked errors. If you find such error messages on the control panel, it indicates the paper jam issues.

There can be numerous reasons behind carriage jam issues. For instance, torn pieces of paper are stuck in the printing roller, or the jammed paper is in the rear access door. As a result, your printer does not print or stops printing in between. If you are in the same scenario, this guide will help you to resolve the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message.

Best 8 Repairing Methods to Fix HP Printer Carriage Blocked Error Message

Before getting started, you should try turning off the All-in-One button to power off the device and then press the same button again to power it on. If there is only a minor glitch, it will be resolved by restarting the printer.

However, if you are still facing the same HP Printer Carriage Jam error message, you should execute some permanent solutions. We are sharing the most effective methods to resolve your issues related to carriage blocked on the HP printer.

Fix 1: Clear Jammed Papers

If any paper is stuck in the printer, this may lead to the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message. To resolve this, one should immediately clear the jammed papers. This can be done by removing the rear access door.

Important Note: It is recommended to remove the jammed papers or torn pieces of papers only from the rear access door (which is placed at the back of the printer). Pulling out the jammed paper directly from the printer’s front side rotates the paper feed roller. As an outcome, the roller moves in an incorrect direction which may damage the printer’s performance.

To get complete guidance on removing the rear access door to clear jammed papers, follow these instructions:

  • Make sure you power off the printer and remove the power cord.
  • Then, turn your printer around to open its rear access door:
    • Go to the tab located on the left of its door and then press it slightly towards the right side.
    • Once the door moves to the right side, you can pull out the door to release it.
    • Now, remove the rear access door by sliding it out to the left.
  • Once you successfully remove the rear access door, pull out the jammed paper from the rollers.

Please Note: While removing the jammed paper, if any paper tears in between, you need to check the wheels and rollers to take out the torn pieces of paper. Leaving these torn papers inside the roller will cause more problems related to jam papers.

  • Now, you can place the rear access door back to the printer.
    • Put the 2 posts on the right side (into the holes) of a rear access door.
    • Then, use the tab located on the left of this door. This will shift the door to the right side.
    • Now, push the door on the left side in order to lock it into its position.

When you are done clearing the jammed paper from the roller, you can connect the power cord again and power on the printer. If this does not remove the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message, try other solutions.

Fix 2: Take Out the Print Cartridge

Incorrect installation or placement of print cartridges may lead to an HP Printer Carriage Jam error message. By removing the print cartridges, you can resolve the problem. To have a clear understanding, read the following steps:

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Then, access your print cartridge door and wait until you see the printer in silent or idle mode.
  • After this, you need to press down on the end of the print cartridge. It will release the cartridges.
    • Remember you have two print cartridges; the photo or black print cartridge is available on the right while the tri-color print cartridge is placed on the left. You have to release both the print cartridges.
  • Now, slide out both print cartridges and place them on the clean paper.

Attention: It is not recommended to touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles. If you do so, it will result in ink failure, bad electric connection, and clogs. Also, don’t take out the copper strips because they require electrical contacts.

  • Remove the power cord.
  • After this, you can shift the carriage to the left by hand.
  • Now, close the cartridge access door.
  • Once done, reconnect your power cables and turn on the printer.

If the error is fixed after following these steps, it indicates the print cartridges were causing the problem. In this case, you can reinstall your print cartridges to avoid the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message in the future.

Fix 3: Ensure Print Carriage is Moving Freely

Moving the print carriage across the width of your printer is necessary. If it is stuck or not moving freely, you might encounter error messages stating HP Printer Carriage Blocked. Hence, it is important to make sure the print carriage can move freely. Check out the following information to know more:

  • Turn on your printer and access the print cartridge access door. If your print carriage is moving into the access area, keep allowing it to move to this position.
  • Then, remove the power cord from the back of the printer without turning off the printer.
  • Also, disconnect the power cable from the main power source. The power cable should be removed to reset a paper feed mechanism and to let all the parts be moved by hand without having the risk of electrical shock.
  • Now, look through the output paper tray or print cartridge access door and make sure that the print cartridges are properly locked into a carriage. It should not be loose. Besides that, take care of one thing, there are not any obstructions around or under the carriage to block it. It should be moving freely.
  • Gently push the carriage and move it from the left to right. This will help you to ensure your print carriage is moving freely. In case you find any obstructions, clear them. You may also have to go through an output paper tray so you can access your print carriage.

Once done, close the cartridge door and plug in the power cable back to the printer. Also, connect the power cable to the main power source. Now, power on the printer by using the On button and check if you still find any HP Printer Carriage Jam error message.

Fix 4: Try Doing a Partial Reset

Resetting your printer partially is another way to fix the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message. If you are bothered with the same, perform these steps stated below:

  • First of all, power off your printer by pressing the On
  • Then, remove the power cable from the printer.
  • Now, plug the cable back into its place.
  • Once done, power on your printer by using the On

The process of partial reset of the HP printer is completed after executing these steps. This way you can easily get rid of the error message related to carriage jam.

Fix 5: Print Cartridges Reinstallation

Before reinstalling the print cartridges, you need to make sure that the cartridges you install should be compatible with your printer. The compatible cartridges are listed in the Printer Toolbox software and Users Guide of your printer.

Continue following these instructions to proceed with the print cartridges reinstallation and fix the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message:

  • Turn on the printer and start installing print cartridges.
    • Hold the cartridge in a way that the face of the contacts is towards the printer and the nozzles are down.
    • Then, put the print cartridge in front of a relevant slot:
      • For using the black cartridge, you can use the right carriage slot marked with pentagon or square.
      • The tri-color cartridge is on the left carriage marked with the triangle.
    • Make sure you firmly push the print cartridge into these slots until you hear a sharp cracking sound.
  • After this, close this cartridge access door properly.
  • Also, check the alignment of print cartridges.
    • To start with the cartridge alignment, click the OK button when you see the prompts on your Control Panel.

Remember, the alignment of the cartridges might take some time. Once the page prints, the alignment process is completed. Thereafter, you can try testing a print job to check if the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message is resolved. If the error still persists, continue following the subsequent methods.

Fix 6: Check the Installation of the Control Panel Faceplate

If you find the faceplate already installed, it means your printer has been in a working state. In such instances, you should not attempt reinstalling the faceplate. Instead, you can firmly press on the faceplate just to check it is seated properly.

However, if you have not set up your printer before, you might be facing an HP Printer Carriage Jam error message. In such cases, you are required to check the installation of the control panel faceplate. Here is how:

  • First of all, place your control panel faceplate right above the printer.
  • After this, you need to firmly press down the faceplate.

Now, you can try sending the print. This will surely resolve the HP Printer Carriage Blocked error message. If it does not, carry out with other solutions.

Fix 7: Directly Connect All-in-One to the Wall Outlet

It is also mandatory to make sure that the HP printer is connected to the appropriate power source. There are some basic steps about the same that you should be aware of:

  • Be sure that the printer and computer have a power plug with a three-prong.
  • Then, remove the power cable from the printer.
  • Also, disconnect the product cable from surge suppressors or power strips and then plug it into the 3-prong wall outlet directly.
  • Once done, connect the power cable to the printer.

As you apply these steps, try testing a print job to verify if the HP Printer Carriage Jam error has gone.

Fix 8: Print a Test Page

After implementing all the troubleshooting methods for the HP Printer Carriage Jam error message, you can try printing the test page. For this, you will have to load the appropriate paper and print the self-test report.

  • To get started, load the paper into the paper tray. It could be A4, letter, or unused plain white paper.
  • Once you load the paper, press the Setup button until you see the Print Report.
  • Now, hit the OK This will bring the Self-Test Report to the printer’s Control Panel.
  • Click OK and then the printer will print the self-test report.

By printing the self-test page, you will get an idea of how the printer is working after executing all the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods.

To Sum Up

HP Printer Carriage Jam or HP Printer Carriage Blocked error messages can be easily fixed. All you have to do is to clear jammed paper, reinstall print cartridges, perform the partial reset, and other repairing methods we have provided here.