HP New Printer Setup

Businessman press button on panel of printer photocopier  network , Working on photocopies in the office concept , printer is office worker tool equipment for scanning and copy paper.

Simple steps for HP new printer setup

For setting up your printer for printing you should begin with installing the latest and updated version of your printer driver from the official HP printer site. Follow the below steps to finish the HP new printer setup. You can do the same installation with the CD-ROM but for the latest version prefer downloading from the website.

  1. Initially make sure your printer and the computer are turned on and connected on the same network
  2. Disconnect any USB cable connected to your printer
  3. If needed the software installation will prompt you to connect the cable
  4. Now navigate to the hp printer official site
  5. You will see a page name lets identify your product to get started
  6. The click printer and enter your printer model number
  7. Now click submit
  8. Check if it has the same operating system as your system
  9. If needed you can change the operating system in this step
  10. For that, click change, select your version, and click change
  11. After that download the suggested hp printer driver and software from the page.

Troubleshooting HP printer issues

  1. How to fix HP printer Jam issue?

The printer jam can arise from many a reason; you should understand the underlying cause to completely fix the HP printer Jam issue.

  1. Initially, restart your printer
  2. No open the paper tray, adjust the holder and load the well-aligned paper stack
  3. Close the tray and try printing a page to see if the issue has resolved
  4. If not continue with the clearance of paper jam in your printer
  5. Check and remove any loose paper from the input and output tray of your printer
  6. Now press the power button and unplug the printer from the socket
  7. Remove the duplexer from the back of the printer and look for any jammed paper inside the printer
  8. If you find any remove them carefully and use a torchlight to make sure you have no piece left inside the printer
  9. Similarly check inside the duplexer to remove any jammed paper
  10. Also make sure the paper rollers are moving freely without any friction
  11. Now put everything back into its position, plug in your printer and start printing
  12. If the issue exists, try printing printer status report from the printer
  13. For that, click the setup menu from the printer display then click reports
  14. Now choose Printer status report option. If the page prints successfully the issue resolved if not continue with checking the carriage path
  15. For that turn off the printer and use a flash light to check for any obstruction
  16. You can take the ink cartridges carefully from the printer and again look for any jammed paper.
  17. Keep in mind it’s not safe to keep your print head out for so long
  18. Now turn on the printer, print a status report page to check if the issue has solved or not.
  1. How to solve HP printer print job stuck in queue issue?

If you face issue regarding print job got stuck in your printer that means you cannot print, delete or cancel the printing item, you have to reset your print queue. For that, follow the below simple steps to solve the issue.

  1. Select the print job in the queue and reset your printer along with computer
  2. Before starting with the reset process, save all your print job as you may lost them during the process
  3. On your computer, tap windows and choose services option
  4. In the following page, scroll down to print spooler.
  5. You have to right-click on the print spooler and select stop
  6. Navigate to the windows explorer and search for c:\windows\system32\spool\printers
  7. In the following folder, select all the files and delete them
  8. Now turn off your printer and plug in your printer back after waiting for 60 seconds
  9. Then turn on your printer back
  10. Now try printing a document from your computer.

Hope this will solve your issue. If not you can contact the hp customer service to solve the issue.


  1. How to resolve HP printer wireless issue?

If you face with hp printer wireless issue you will receive number of error messages from your printer namelycan’t find hp printer, error setting up wireless printer, error printing on wireless hp printer and much more. If you receive any of those messages you can follow the below steps to successfully solve the hp printer wireless issue.

Steps to connect your HP printer to the wireless network using Wi-Fi Protected setup

  1. Initially make sure, your router has a WPS button
  2. And your wireless network should use a WPA or WPA2 password
  3. This method doesn’t require your computer to connect to a wireless network
  4. While connecting to network, if you receive any prompt to enter the WPS pin you can click cancel (Since it’s not a part of the WPS procedure)
  5. For button printer, click on the wireless button for 3 seconds until the wireless led starts blinking
  6. If you have a display, then tap on the network settings, and press the settings icon
  7. In the following page choose Wi-Fi Protected setup and click push button
  8. Then touch start.
  9. In the meanwhile, on the router press and hold the WPS button until you see the WPS light blink
  10. It gets up to 2 to 3 minutes for your printer to establish a connection with your computer
  11. The connection gets completes, once you get the successful message in the printer display
  12. After that you can download the latest and updated HP printer software for your printer to start the printing process

Hope this insights will help solve your issue. If not you can contact the HP customer service for a quick and swift solution to solve the issue.