HP Printer not Printing color ink Properly

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Although HP is one of the reliable printers you can find in the market, they too under go some common malfunction which can be overcome by simple troubleshooting steps. So in this article we will get to know about the reasons for HP printer not printing color or black issue and the steps to solve them effortlessly.

General reasons for HP Printer not printing black or color

The possible reasons behind this issue may be of

  1. Cartridges are empty or out of ink
  2. Clogged print head
  3. Mismatched printer settings
  4. Color printing disabled
  5. Irrelevant or outdated hp printer driver

Having tight deadlines and printing issue can be one of the problematic scenarios for every printing person. We hope our solution help you solve the HP printer not printing black or color issues quickly. For more simplified and effective solutions, contact HP customer service executives.

Troubleshooting HP printer not printing color ink properly

  1. First check the ink in the cartridge:

Before delving deep into the troubleshooting steps, let’s start with the simple yet most important ink level checking step. You can check your ink cartridges for the reduced and out of ink levels. if there is enough ink in the cartridges and still your printer doesn’t print properly then try checking the expiry date of the cartridges since the old and outdated one might dried up causing all the issues.

  1. Initially click on the setup button of the printer LCD screen
  2. Then navigate to Reports
  3. Choose Supplies status
  4. Then tap on the Print Supplies status page
  5. Now click ok

In case of touch screen control panels of HP printer, tap on the Reports and choose supplies status option to solve HP printer not printing correct colors.

  1. Check for any clogs and damages on the print head:

Follow the below steps look for any damages in your printer’s toner cartridge:

  1. Initially open the printer to access the ink cartridge area
  2. Now remove the printer’s toner cartridges
  3. Then make sure to remove the sealing tape from the cartridges
  4. You can shake the toner cartridges for an even ink distribution
  5. Look for any damage in the toner’s memory chip
  6. While checking the toner roller, make sure not to touch the roller surface
  7. If you notice any damages on your roller, you must have to replace them with a new one
  8. If not you can try taking 2 or more prints to see if the HP printer not printing color problem has solved or not.
  1. Adjust the HP printer print settings:

The incorrect print settings may be one of the reasons that your HP printer is not printing properly. For setting the color theme, follow the below steps.

  1. From computer program, choose Print option
  2. Next select printer and choose Preferences
  3. To choose color theme, click on the Advanced option
  4. Then from the drop-down choose Color Themes
  5. For setting color options, navigate to Paper or Quality
  6. Then from the Color field select Color
  1. Try printing a print quality report:
    1. For printing a quality report page from the HP printer with touchscreen control panels, click setup
    2. Then open reports
    3. Now tap on the Print Quality Page and click ok
    4. For printing a quality report page from the HP printer with LCD control panels, click setup
    5. Now navigate to System setup and choose Reports
    6. Then tap on the Print Quality Report and click Ok
  1. Try performing a clean cycle:
    1. Click start menu on your computer
    2. Tap on the settings option
    3. Choose your printer model from the printer tab
    4. Access the printer menu by tapping on the Manage option
    5. Now navigate to Printing preferences
    6. Then hit on the Services tab
    7. From the following window, tap on the Printer services and choose Clean Printheads option
    8. Wait for your printer to completely perform the cleaning cycle
    9. Try printing a color or black printout

If the HP printer printing wrong colors issue has not solved yet, try performing the above steps 2 to 3 times to retrieve the perfect quality print.

How to troubleshoot HP printer not printing correct colors?

You can follow these below quick solution to solve the HP printer printing wrong colors issue.

  1. Try running the scan doctor utility tool to solve any printing-related issue of HP printer
    1. Navigate to the HP official site
    2. Download HP print and scan doctor tool
    3. Then download the installation wizard
    4. Double-click on the .exe folder that gets downloaded in your computer
    5. Once done, tap on the Start button & click on the Next button
    6. Simply follow the displayed on screen instruction to complete the process
  2. Then align the print head of your printer
    1. Initially complete the HP printer alignment process
    2. Make sure to load enough plain paper in the printer input tray
    3. You can adjust loaded paper with the paper width guide
    4. From the control panel, open printer maintenance and select the Align print head option

You can follow the onscreen instructions to align the printer pages.