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HP Printer Setup

Having trouble setting up your hp printer to the Wireless network? You can read along, as we have consolidated every wireless connection option available with the HP Printer in this blog.

HP Printer Setup

For Printer setup download, you can follow the below quick steps.

  1. Initially, make sure your HP Printer and the PC are on and connected
  2. Open the browser of your choice
  3. Navigate to the hp official site
  4. Click on the Support & Drivers tab
  5. Choose drivers & software option
  6. Enter your printer model number
  7. In the following page, choose your OS and check the minimum technical requirement to install the HP Printer driver on your device
  8. Click on the download button and you can see the file get downloaded in the system
  9. Open the file and run the .exe file
  10. Simply follow the online instruction to complete the HP Printer driver installation process

Wireless HP Printer Setup

We will discuss setting up the printer in the wireless network using hp Smart application. For that turn on your printer and your computer must be connected with a wireless network. Additionally, you must know the wireless key or password.

Navigate to the HP official site and click on the Install hp Smart button. You can click on the Open Microsoft Store button from the pop-up window. From the following page, click on the HP Smart option. In the upcoming page, click “install”. Once the app installation finished, click on the Launch button. You can simply follow the onscreen description to finish the installation process.

HP Smart now gets connected to the printer on the same network or the printer in the setup mode. The setup mode lasts for 2 hours for the first time, you turned on the printer. If it’s over 2 hours reset the printer network settings. For this, open the control panel dashboard and click the settings icon. Followed by that, click on the “Restore Network Settings” option.

Once your Printer is in setup mode, your computer will provide 3 options. From that choose setup new Printer option. From the following screen, choose your Printer name. Click on the setup link and tap continue. Again click“continue”. Now the HP Printer will begin to connect your Printer to the wireless network. You need to confirm the proximity by pressing the information button on the Printer. Give possible connection permission and click continue. Follow the steps displayed on the screen to complete the connection process.

In this section we will discuss how to start printing from the Mac to the printer using Wi-Fi Direct.This method allows printing without a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Initially, touch the Wi-Fi Direct icon; you can see the Wi-Fi Direct Details
  2. Note down the Wi-Fi Direct name and password
  3. For the printers without touch facility, you can print the network details by pressing the information button from where you can find the Wi-Fi Direct name and password
  4. If the report displays that your Wi-Fi direct is not enabled, you have to do that first
  5. Once connected your Mac will cut off from the internet access
  6. Now click on the Wi-Fi icon on your Mac computer
  7. From the list, choose the Wi-Fi Direct printer name and enter the noted password
  8. Then click Join
  9. Now open a document of your choice and click File followed by print to start printing the document from your Mac computer using Wi-Fi Direct
  10. Once the printing job completes you can reconnect your Mac to the network

HP Wireless Printer Setup Android

For Printing from phone to Printer, the application named HP Print Service Plugin can be used, for a detailed instruction, read below:

  1. Initially make sure your Android phone and the printer are connected on the same network
  2. Open the play store and install HP Print Service Plugin
  3. Click Settings, search and open HP print service
  4. Tap On to turn on the plugin
  5. HP Print Service Plugin lets printing documents, photos, emails and webpages
  6. Open the type of doc you want to Print
  7. Click on the menu icon and tap Print
  8. If you don’t see the print option, you can click on the export option
  9. And choose share option then select HP Print Service Plugin
  10. You can see a preview screen with the list of connected devices
  11. If you don’t, tap o the down arrow and choose your printer name
  12. You can change or customize settings including, paper orientation like landscape or vertical
  13. Then page size based on your demand. Make sure you have loaded the relevant paper in your Printer before continuing with the Printing process
  14. Now once setting every requirement, tap on the Print icon

Troubleshooting HP Offline Printer Setup

  1. Initially you have to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. You can also try power-cycling your printer to resolve this issue. For that, you have to turn off your Printer, unplug and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Then again plug in and turn back your Printer
  4. Next make sure your Printer is set as a default printer. From start select settings, then devices and choose Printers & scanners option
  5. Choose your Printer name and tap on the set as default Printer option
  6. Next clear the Print queue. For that select your Printer and tap on Open queue option
  7. You can select the document in the queue and clear them
  8. The offline issue can also happen if you have outdated or broken Printer Driver
  9. For that, you have to download the latest and updated Printer driver for your Printer from the official site
  10. Once finished Printer setup download process, restart your Printer and computer. Start Printing to see if you have overcome the offline Printer issue.