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How to Troubleshoot and fix HP Printer offline issue?

hp printer may go offline for many a reason and that is one among the common issue that every hp printer user can experience in their day-to-day printing life. In this blog we will go through end to end possibilities and their solution that could solve your hp printer status offline issue.

Reasons for HP Printer offline issue

Fine day, you are printing and there is no print job being done but you are getting printer offline issue in your system. Frustrated, ok leave stop what you are printing. Save all your print jobs for later until you solve the HP Printer offline issue.

Why my HP Printer does keep going offline?

If your HP Printer always offline, it may lose all its communication possibilities with the outside world. So do not send anymore print jobs that may get piled up in the print queue.

Your HP Printer does keep going offline for many reasons like,

Outdated printer driver

Network/connection issue

Technical issue with printer or the connecting system

Incorrect/irrelevant printer configurations

Issues with print queue

Improper physical setting of the HP Printer

What Problem are you facing Today with your Printer?

New Printer Setup

Printer Troubleshooting

Printer Driver Installation

Connect Printer To Wifi Network

Wireless Printer Setup

Printer Carriage Jam

HP Printer Offline

Printer Color Printing Error

Diagnose Printer Problem

Troubleshoot HP Printer offline

General instruction to make your HP printer ready for the print job

  1. Initially turn on your printer. Make sure it is not in the sleep mode by pressing the power button.
  2. Open the printer and check if it is having enough paper and ink for the printing process
  3. Check if your printer is blinking or showing any error messages in the display
  4. If you receive any error messages, try to solve them before starting the print job
  5. Check all the connecting wires, plugs and sockets
  6. Make sure your printer and computer connected in the same wired or wireless network
  7. The internet speed must be seamless without any break
  8. You should confirm that you are having the updated and latest printer driver downloaded in your computer
  9. If not, you can uninstall the existing printer driver and download the latest from the official site
  10. Restart the printer and system. Now start with your print job

Choose Your Model for Setup, Driver Download or Troubleshooting

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Solve HP Printer showing offline issue with HP Print and Scan doctor:

The HP Print and Scan doctor can help you solve the printer showing HP printer always offline issue. For that initially turn on the printer that you are experiencing the offline issue.

  1. On your system, open the browser and enter
  2. In the following HP Print and scan doctor page click the Download button
  3. You will get a pop up with message showing, does your printer shows offline
  4. Click Yes. The tool will automatically diagnose and resolve HP Printer always offline issue

HP Printer offline fix windows 10 - Check if your HP Printer is offline

For ensuring the hp printer is online and not offline, you have to make sure that your print queue is not paused or not set to offline. When your HP Printer says offline there is increased chance of your print queue set to print offline or paused. For that follow the below instruction,

  1. From your windows, tap on the Search bar
  2. Enter printers, from the results choose Printers & Scanners option
  3. In the following screen, click on your printer name and tap on the Open queue button
  4. From the upcoming screen, click on the Printer from menu
  5. Disable any options that says that your printer is offline
  6. Now your printer should print without any issue.

HP Printer offline fix windows 11

To make your HP Printer offline to online in your windows 11 computer, follow the below steps

  1. Initially make sure HP Printer is turned on
  2. Then confirm that your system and printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  3. Next check if your printer is not in offline mode
  4. For that, click windows and choose settings
  5. In the following screen, select Bluetooth & Deices option
  6. Now select Printers & Scanners option
  7. Following that choose your printer name and click Open print queue option
  8. Under the Printer, check the Use Printer Offline option is not selected

If the above step doesn’t solve your issue, you should follow the further HP Printer offline troubleshooting steps.

Fix hp printer offline mac

From your Mac computer, click the Apple icon. Then in the drop-down choose System Preferences. In the following screen, choose printers and scanners. You can see a reset printing system permission window. Click on the Reset button. In the following screen, you can add your printer. Then download the required driver software. Follow the online instruction to complete the installation process. Now follow the upcoming procedure to complete the Fix HP Printer offline mac issue.

Follow the below steps to make your printer back to online with Mac OS.

  1. Initially try restarting your hp printer
  2. Then restart your printer for that turn off your printer, wait for 30 seconds and again plug in
  3. Now check whether the printer and computer connected properly on the same network
  4. Check whether the cables are plugged firmly and the sockets are working properly
  5. Next make sure the print queue is clear without any pending tasks
  6. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver
  7. If the above instruction doesn’t solve your HP Printer says its offline issue, you can try resetting the Mac’s printing system.

(But keep in mind performing the above step can remove the already marked settings and permissions so caution is needed)

How to set a printer as default to fix HP Printer offline issue?

The user can also check if their printer is set as default to fix the HP Printer offline issue. Turn on your computer and click on the windows button. Click Run and in the run window choose control panel. Click Ok.

  1. In the following screen, choose Devices and Printers option
  2. The upcoming screen lists all the connected device
  3. Check if your printer has a green tick over the printer
  4. If so your printer is already set as a default printer
  5. If not, just right-clickon the printer name and choose “set as a default printer” option
  6. Restart your printer and system
  7. By now your HP printer offline issue should be resolved.

If the above steps couldn’t help you solve HP wireless printer offline issue. If not you can uninstall and reinstall the printer driver since the outdated driver can cause technical as well as connectivity issue.

For windows, you can try connecting your system to TCP/IP port:

For connecting your printer to the TCP/IP port, you must set a manual IP address for your printer.

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We Offer Smart Guide For Buying Printer

You will be spoilt for choice once you step into that showroom to buy a new printer. But a certain amount of technical knowledge about the printers will come handy and would aid you to make a smart informed choice while purchasing a new printer. In this section, we have come up with five main features that you should look  before purchasing a printer. Read on!

Quality of the printed image: 

The foremost thing to consider while determining the picture quality of the printed image is the resolution. Make sure to choose a printer providing a wide range of capabilities when it comes to print for instance covering the modes in between 360dpi to 2880 dpi.Density is the next important factor determing the quality of the print.Next deciding factor regarding the quality of the print is the ink droplet size. T o make an informed choice, make sure you choose a printer capable of droplet size of 4 to 12 pl and that the droplets should not be visible from the naked eye.Ensure that the printer you are looking to buy has a good amount of ink configurations. Last but definitely not the least factor in determining the print quality is the ICC profile capability of the printer. Ensure that the printer you choose possesses profiling capabilities.

Size and speed of printing: 

Size of the printer is a subjective choice, that depends on your printing purpose. If you wish to print canvas, you definitely need a large size of printer that would be able to handle longer and heavier rolls. So talk to the salesperson regarding the same and make the choice right for the purpose of your buying the printer. Speed is an integral element to be looked upon while purchasing the printer. However, many times good speed compromises the   of print. Make sure you get hold of the machine which provides faster speed while retaining good print quality.

Media handling: 

Look for printers capable of good media handling.Ensure that the printer you have your eyes on is capable of efficiently handling various media that it is loaded with.

Ease of Use: 

Ease of use would certainly be the most important factor for a user not much into the technicalities of the printing technology.Before deciding to buy a printer, ask the following questions from the salesperson and then make a decision.

  • Is loading and unloading of media is hassle free?
  • Is the control panel easy to operate?
  • Is the system simple enough to explain it to someone else?
  • Can the customized settings and details be saved for future reference?
  • Is the system driver easy enough to set up and use?

Product Support:

This is a factor which constantly stays in the mind of the buyers before they buy a technology product, the apprehension about the support for the product. Make sure to get your queries regarding the technical support team, email/phone support to the system, easy access to the 3rd party ICC profiles and many more queries that you may have regarding the product answered by the staff before buying the printer.

Printing job is executed through wired and wireless printing, though wireless printing has an upper hand in terms of benefits it provides to its users. Let us look how wireless printing has made our lives easy.

A Glance at the Benefits of Wireless Printing :

In this on the go generation, wireless printing has proved to be a boon for those who juggle many tasks together. Lets’ go through some.

  • Effective networking: and less worry for those heaps of wiresWireless printing makes networking easy, Multiple users can connect to a single through the medium of Wi-Fi. Everyone can get their printout from a single printer by giving a proper command. It also reduces the hazards of tripping due to many wires and also evades the danger of electric shocks.
  • Easy mobility: With the availability of wireless printing you need not be close proximity to the computer . Now you can just give a print command from your smartphone and get your command executed in no time. Save your efforts and make your work smarter in approach.
  • The bliss of internet printing: With the provision of Cloud and other online data storage centers, data can be easily shared between your device and that of other peoples’ device.With the wireless laser printer, the document to be printed gets directly printed from the cloud without occupying any extra space in your computer system.
  • Multi functional printers: Wireless printers are known for multitasking. With the printing function, you can perform additional tasks like copying, scanning and a fax machine.Some wireless printers come with the provision to print from USB flash drivers or check and send an email directly from the machine.
  • A little on the pricy side but promises long durability: Wireless printers are a bit pricy compared to the wired ones, but in the longer run they prove to be more durable and efficient. Once you purchase wireless printers, you need not worry about replacing anytime soon.

To find the manual IP address for your hp printer:

  1. Initially you have to print the network configuration page, for button display, press and hold the Cancel button until the report prints. For display printer, from the menu choose network configuration page.
  2. Once printed, find the Embedded Web Server (EWS) URL. Now enter the URL in the browser.
  3. In the following EWS page, choose Network option and select your printer network connection option from wired or wireless.
  4. Now suggest or manually type in the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway
  5. Click Apply and wait for the settings to apply in your printer

6.  Again open Devices and Printers option and check if the printer status has changed to online from offline

If setting the manual IP address for your printer doesn’t make your hp printer offline to online, you can follow the below steps of connecting your printer to the TCP/IP port.

To connect your hp printerto the TCP/IP port:

  1. From windows, search and select Printers and Scanners
  2. Then choose your printer and click Manage
  3. From there choose printer properties and select the ports tab
  4. Now tap on the Add port option
  5. Finally, choose Standard TCP/IP Port
  6. In the following option, choose New port
  7. You have to enter the manual IP address that you have set in the previous step and click Next
  8. Now select Standard TCP/IP Port from the menu and click Ok.

Once finished with all the steps, you can try printing. If you still get the same issue you can call the HP customer support executives who can solve and provide you with HP Printer offline fix as soon as possible.

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